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Extra Curriculars

As stated in our philosophy, "through academic, spiritual, athletic, extracurricular, and service programs, A.C.A. provides the opportunity for students to discover, develop, and use their God-given talents". Many extra-curricular activities are available at to help meet this goal outside of the formal classroom environment.

A.C.A. Student Goverment Association

The purpose of the student council is to provide a forum for student expression; promote good morale, school spirit and unity; provide direction and implementation of those school activities assigned to it; encourage school and community service and awareness; promote student leadership and representation.

Spanish Club

This club promotes an understanding of the Spanish culture, Literature, Music and Customs.

Chess Club

This club promotes an understanding of the chess game.

Book Club

Members discuss and share good books, hear about new books which are being added to the school library and are encouraged to suggest books for purchase

French Club 

This club promotes an understanding of the French culture

Math Club

This team is for students who like math and are interested in learning about topics not studied in regular math classes. Emphasis is on problem solving and preparation for math contests during the year. 

Photography Club

Photography Club promotes and teaches how to take professional pictures. 

Pro-Life Club

This club is open to all students. The basic goal is to promote respect for life from conception to natural death. 

Summer Reading List 2022 - 2023

Summer Reading List Announced Barnes and Noble and Amazon will have all titles available



Individual development, individual responsibility, and a respect for each individual within society are at the root of our program. Our code of behavior reflects this commitment while fostering the skills and attitudes that are necessary in order to become responsible citizens. 

We expect all members of our school community -- students, teachers, and parents or guardians -- to set an example which will result in Atlantic Christian Academy being a zone of zero-tolerance for vandalism, violence, racism, illegal substances and harassment. 


At Atlantic Christian Academy there are simple guiding principles and we expect all behaviors to support these principles. 
The behavior of each of us must demonstrate, at all times, respect and consideration for the rights of others both within our school community and society at large. 

Teachers and parents should make it clear that each student has a responsibility to complete all class work, writing reports and tests on time, and that punctuality is an important life skill which is reinforced at school, and which shows respect for others. 
Students have a responsibility to learn. Teachers have a responsibility to teach. 


Suspension - Students will be re-admitted to school once a meeting has taken place with the student, administration and the parent. A Plan of Action will be formulated to resolve the problem. A suspension letter will also be provided. Students on suspension are not permitted on school property.

Teacher’s Detention - Students must serve the detention. Failure to do so will result in a school detention. 
School Detention – Students must serve the detention on the day that it is given. Students are not excused from serving detentions. 


Property - The school building, books, property of the school office, the personal property of staff and students will be safe and free from damage. Vandalizing school property will be subject to clean up duty, costs incurred and/or suspension. 

Plagiarism– Students will be instructed with regards to the seriousness of this offense as well as what constitutes plagiarism by their teachers. Students who have plagiarized will re-do the assignment for a maximum value of 75%. Parents will be informed. A second offense will be subject to a suspension or a zero. 

Smoking –Smoking in the school or on school office is prohibited by law and will not be tolerated. Smoking inside the building or on school property is not permitted and is subject to suspension. Atlantic Christian Academy does not support smoking for any of its students. 

Substance Abuse – Atlantic Christian Academy will not tolerate the use and/or possession of alcohol or drugs at school or at any school activity. The possession or use of illegal substances is prohibited and will result in a suspension and/or expulsion. 

Weapons - The possession of or threat to use weapons or replicas is not tolerated and will result in confiscation and an immediate suspension and further procedures upon investigation and police report.

Bullying/Intimidation –Atlantic Christian Academy will not tolerate bullying or intimidation (physical or verbal abuse) that is directed towards students or staff members. Students will be subject to expulsion. 

Disruptive Behavior - The refusal to follow staff instruction and/or defiance of staff will not be tolerated. As well chronic disruptive behavior that prevents the learning or teaching process will not be tolerated. Such behaviors are subject to suspension. 

Electronic devices - Students are not permitted to use electronic devices (MP3 player, pager, cell phone etc…) in school office and will be confiscated. Parents are obliged to retrieve the devices from the school. 

Food/beverages - Eating and/or drinking is not permitted in the school office. 

In working to help students abide by these principles, the administration and staff will use discussion, counseling, detention, suspension or community service as disciplinary measures.

​Cooperation with Legal Authorities

It is the practice of the school to cooperate with any local, state, or federal investigators or law enforcement officers that contact the school in the course of any criminal investigation.

The school will attempt to notify the parents of any student sought to be interviewed in the course of a criminal investigation on the school premises, unless directed by an investigator or law enforcement officer to the contrary, which is usually the case in investigations involving sexual or physical abuse. The school will attempt as well to have a representative present during such an interview unless this is not permitted by the investigators, which is often the case in investigations involving sexual or physical abuse.

Unacceptable Use of Outside Technology

The school expects students to use information technology (including, but not limited to, the Internet, email, instant messaging and text messaging) in a responsible and ethical fashion in compliance with all applicable laws and with Christian moral principles, both in and out of the school setting. Accordingly, students may not post, place, upload, share, or communicate any images, photographs, statements or inferences relating to or including profanity, vulgarity,indecency, illegal use of drugs, illegal use of alcohol or other illegal or illicit activities. Additionally, students may not use information technology for the purpose of defaming,threatening, teasing or harassing any other student, staff member, parent, faculty member, or other person. This includes, but is not limited to, communications on social networks such as My Space and Facebook. In addition, this rule applies to communications both during the schoolyear and while students are on vacation or summer breaks. Students are responsible for allmaterials and communications made on personal websites and social networks and the materials and communications should be consistent with Christian moral principles, including any materials or communications posted on their sites by other individuals. Moreover, any unauthorized use of the school’s name (or common names associated with the school) or any likeness or image of the school or its employees or agents is strictly prohibited.

​Use of Photos 

The school reserves the right to use student or parent photos in any school publication and on the school’s website. Any parent who does not wish his or her child’s picture or video to be used accordingly must notify the school’s principal in writing prior to the beginning of the school year. Parents, by executing this acknowledgement of receipt of this Handbook, HEREBY RELEASE the school, and their corporate members, officers, employees, and agents, from any claims

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